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The executive team at World Power Solutions has over 70 years of experience in providing governmental & educational institutions, consumer, and commercial & industrial businesses, the right solutions to address their needs. We’ve put together an experienced direct-sales, operations, customer support and administrative staff that are dedicated and trained to ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience. Our loyalty is to our customers and therefore we approach each project from their perspective, advocate for them and ensure they always receive the top-tier service that they deserve.

Solar Project Planning & Engineering

Project Feasibility

– Define Energy Goals
– Energy Use Audit & Analysis
– Site Assessment

Financial Planning

– Viability Study
– Risk Mitigation
– Financing Options

Engineering & Design

– Constructability Audit
– Production Analysis
– Environmental Impact

Energy Project Management C&I Solar

As a business, investing in a solar PV system can have distinct financial benefits and can visually demonstrate your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. From assessment & proposal, applications & permitting and throughout installation & maintenance. we will provide the best possible experience, with the most competitive pricing for design, equipment, labor and advise on the complete solution selection that is the right fit for your business. Additionally, we will manage your energy accounts after installation as an ongoing service. ...Read more

Battery & Storage

Going Solar is environmentally friendly and will provide substantial savings, however, also investing in a Battery & Storage solution can turn that savings into a profit center with a 100% return on the investment in as little as 3 years and then generate not only energy, but significant dollars to your bottom line. ...Read more


We have finance options for you that can equate to no money out of pocket, cut your energy bills and bring significant ROI to our clients. Whether you finance the system with your own capital, do a lease to own or we execute a power purchase agreement; we have the right financial solution for you. ..Read more

Green Energy & Renewables

While Solar may be more dominant in market share there are other forms of green and renewable energy that can be just as, if not more effective in reducing your energy footprint and costs. Wind, Geothermal, Hyrdopower, Biomass are all growing in popularity and we will advise on all options to reduce your carbon footprint before presenting the most viable solution.
Whether you invest in your own generation system or just want to ensure that you or your business are doing your part for the environment, you can purchase Renewable Energy Credits to subsidize the generation of your energy. These RECs allow you to purchase the environmental benefits of renewable power generated from facilities throughout the U.S.
...Read more

Energy Procurement

We are able to lower your energy bills through skillful negotiation and procurement of energy directly from suppliers. We have access to dozens of suppliers nationally and will find the most competitive rates and favorable terms for your business. ...Read more


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